Why Outsourcing Your Social Media Management is Good For Your Business

Why outsource the management of your social media?  Many companies make the decision that they have the resources and time to make updates to their Facebook, Twitter and other social media pages.  It always starts off as a priority but usually receives less attention as other areas of the business need more focus such as vendors, employees, payroll and the other day to day activities related to running your business.  Many clients come to us with a Facebook and Twitter page already created but there is a lack of interaction and updating with fans to drive more interest.  You ask: Why is it important that I need to reply back to inquiries and reviews about my business.  Shouldn’t I just be able to put the site up and then let it run itself?  The answer to this is NO.  The hardest thing to do is gaining fans and followers organically and if you ignore them and fail to communicate with them, you have lost them as a customer.  Every follower wants their voice to be hear whether you are operating a restaurant or running a clothing brand.  You MUST take the time to communicate news about your company, product, new location opening, etc with your customers.  The better you are at this task the higher the likely hood they will be a repeat customer and their peers will become your customers as well.  

So with all of the day to day requirements in running your business do you have the time to manage this communication?  Most companies do not unless they bring on the staff to do so.  If your company does not want to take on this additional capital expense outsourcing this is the most logical thing to do.  Martini Incentives will take on this task and report back to you the client and give regular updates and be the voice to your customers.  We are an extension of your marketing team in the online space without needing to bring on additional payroll and salaries.  More information about costs and services are provided below.

Social Media Statistics 2013
Social Media Statistics 2013Source: Huffington Post

Here are some additional facts that support companies are not doing enough to communicate back with their customers:

  • 1 Million websites have integrated with Facebook
  • 23% of users check Facebook 5 times or more daily
  • 56% of customer tweets are being ignored
  • 34% of marketers have generated leads on Twitter
  • Google’s +1 button is used 5 million times a day
  • Over 5 million are uploaded to Instagram every hour
  • 80% of Pinterest users are female
Source: Digitalbuzzlog.com 1-10-13

Social Media Management
Social media users are the largest growing segment of the internet. Every day there is an increased following and flocking to these websites. Martini Incentives is a promotional marketing agency which can help you market and position yourself to your current and new customers through social media. Martini Incentives has developed a system to make the most out of driving traffic and revenue from social media.Social media is a form of communication which has flourished over the past few years. There are many forms of social media, such as tweets on twitter or updates to your status on Facebook. Martini Incentives has been providing clients with the resource of managing corporate messages which are broadcast to the masses.There are various statistics out now that account for social media’s usage and effectiveness for individuals worldwide. However, some of the most recent statistics are as follows:*Social networking now accounts for 11 percent of all time spent online in the US.A total of 234 million people age 13 and older in the U.S. used mobile devices in December 2009.Twitter is as of December processing more than one billion tweets per month. January passed 1.2 billion, averaging almost 40 million tweets per day.One in four (25%) US Internet page views occurred at one of the top social networking sites in December 2009, up 83% from 13.8% in December 2008.*Source: Wikipedia.com
Managed Social Media Packages
Martini Incentives offers plans that fit your budget based upon the level of exposure your company needs. Whether it is just the basic setup of a twitter account and periodic updates, to get a presence, or a company which has many products and needs a more detailed approach to building a strong brand. We have a package which will suit your needs. Please review the chart below to compare plans and the features offered.
Why use Martini Incentives for Social Media Management?
Martini Incentives provides clients with a white glove level of service that will make communication seamless. We will provide you a level of customer service that is the same as if it was in-house. With over 15 years of experience in the industry of website creation and brand management we will keep your company’s brand in the forefront to customers and fans. We will target users that are specific to your brand and will create a strong online following to translate into more eyeballs on your brands and footsteps through your doors.
Our plans offer a creative and monitored approach to provide a strong presence in the social media world. Our social media management plans are priced according to the level of exposure desired in the social media world.
We will partner with you in understanding your company and its brand so resources are not wasted in promoting to the wrong audience. Our goal is to provide complete satisfaction and to make the task of social media as easy as possible. 
For a detailed explanation of our Social Media services, please see below:
Managed Social Media Pricing
Features Silver Package Gold Package Platinum Package
Social media marketing strategy X X X
Dedicated account representative X X X
Up to two personal consultations per month X X
Facebook – setup/enhance & promotion X X X
Weekly Facebook updates/engagement X X
Twitter – setup/enhance & promotion X X X
Weekly Twitter updates/engagement X X
Flickr – setup/enhance & promotion X X X
Weekly Flickr updates/engagement X X
YouTube – setup/enhance & promotion X X X
Weekly YouTube updates/engagement X X
Social profile creation on secondary sites StumbedUpon, MySpace, Reddit, delicious, LinkedIn etc. X X
Squidoo lens X X X
Hub page creation X X X
Social network friend seeding (Basic) X X
Social network friend seeding (Advanced) X X
Google friend connect & seeding X X
Social media competitive analysis X X
Web graphic design work for existing website & properties X X
Blog setup & design 1 blog 2 blogs
Blog social media promotion X X
Blog search engine optimization X X
Bi-weekly blog posts X X
Feedburner email signup X X
RSS distribution X X
Blogger outreach X
Monthly online surveys X
Monthly social contests X
Ratings and reviews (Ex. Yelp) X
Photo sharing & presentation sharing X
Additional unlisted social media strategies X X
Monthly reporting & analysis Additional $100 a month X X
One time initial campaign investment: $500 $750 QUR
Monthly Management & Promotion Investment: $600 $995 $1495
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