Paper Bags and PPE – A Perfect Storage Solution for Masks

Paper Bags and PPE - A Perfect Storage Solution for Masks

Healthcare workers battling the coronavirus crisis have found an unlikely new ally in the fight: a paper bag. 

With supplies of personal protective equipment (PPE) limited, preservation and extending the use of disposable masks has become a priority. An important tool in the fight to prevent potentially dangerous cross-contamination is the simple paper bag – a perfect option for between-use storage of PPE like masks. 

Why is a paper bag the best option for PPE storage? 

  • Breathable – Paper dries out over time, preventing the growth of bacteria.
  • Isolated – Each bag is a separate container, providing a barrier between masks when stored between shifts. If masks can’t touch, they can’t cross-contaminate.
  • Writable – Paper can be easily labeled and marked for identification and date-keeping.
  • Durable – A solid paper bag can last between multiple uses. 
  • Disposable – When their job is done, a paper bag can be disposed of easily and compactly.

Different types of paper bags are perfect for different uses. For example: 

SOS / Lunch Bags: PPE Storage

SOS Paper Bags in Use

Smaller, lunch bags – aka “SOS Bags” – are a perfect single-mask solution. Featuring a sturdy squared bottom that will stand on its own on a shelf or table, SOS Bags are a perfect option for storing masks during lunch or between shifts. 

Handled Shopping Bags: Mask Reuse

Hanging Handled Shopping Bag

The round handles of Handled Shopping Bags are a surprisingly ideal place to hang a PPE mask between uses – safely storing it within the inside of the bag. Plus, the handles allow for a stored mask to be placed on a door handle or other hook or hanger with a minimum of touch required.

A Surgical Mask hangs inside s Handled Shopping Bag

As with all paper bags, these Handled Shopping Bags can also be marked with vital info like the mask wearer, patient / room info, dates, and indicators for multiple uses. 

Wide Gusset Bags: Between Uses

Wide Gusset Take Out Bags | Martini Incentives

A great “bag for bags,” Wide Gusset Storage Bags provide a more robust interior area to store multiple SOS or Hanging Bags within, as needed. 

Storing a shifts’ worth of masks can go from perilous to possible with a single Wide Gusset Bag

Keeping masks – and their wearers – safe from cross-contamination is as vital as ever and paper bags might just be the right tool for the job! 

Stay healthy! 

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