Show Appreciation for Nurses in an Unprecedented Year for Nurses Week

Show Appreciation for Nurses in an Unprecedented Year for Nurses Week
Show Appreciation for Nurses in an Unprecedented Year for Nurses Week

With the COVID-19 virus ravaging healthcare services worldwide, it is more important than ever to show our nurses and healthcare workers appreciation this Nurses Week. 

The week between May 6 and May 12 has served as Nurses’ Week since 1974, when then-President Richard Nixon expanded the proposed May 12th Nurses Day into a full week celebrating the hardworking medical professionals keeping us safe and healthy. Initially, the 12th was chosen as it was the birthday of famed “Lady of the Lamp” Florence Nightingale.

During this unprecedented stress on world healthcare, it is well worth stocking up on first aid and healthcare supplies at home in order to help relieve the stress on the wider healthcare community – as well as giving some key items to the nurses and healthcare staff around you. 

Here are five items to consider for your local nurses and healthcare workers to ease the difficulty of their daily work and remind them that they’re appreciated by the community around them.

Morning Medicine

More often than not, your local nurse or other healthcare professional greets the morning with a strong cup of coffee or tea. What better reminder of your thanks for their hard work than a cool coffee mug with a unique look?

Matte Black Coffee Mugs | Martini Incentives
Matte Black Coffee Mugs | Martini Incentives

Our Matte Black Coffee Mugs have a sleek matte black sheen on the outside – perfect for emblazoning your thankful message – paired with unique, glossy colors inside.

These mugs are truly a versatile option to consider for Nurses Week – able to fill in the drinkware gaps wherever needed with a sleek option that’s much more exciting than the stark white, easily-stained ones often seen in office cabinets. 

Keeping a stock of these Matte Black Coffee Mugs at the ready in your local healthcare office can help streamline getting drinks for staff, patients, and other visitors as well – and that little bit of extra verve in terms of the design can make all of the difference, making a sterile office feel a bit more comfortable for nurses, other staff, and visitors alike!

Keep Hydration to Heart

They say that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and there are few better ways to reinforce the immune system and other vital processes in your body than keeping hydrated. As it can carry 16oz of water, the PolySure Inspire Water Bottle is worth quite a bit of cure.

16 oz PolySure Inspire Water Bottle | Martini Incentives
16 oz PolySure Inspire Water Bottle | Martini Incentives

The Inspire Bottle is a terrific gift for nurses and medical staff, who often struggle to keep well-hydrated during the course of a long day. Plus, the bottles are made from food-grade plastics – safe for reuse and featuring a fun, bubbly design. 

Adding to their usefulness over the course of a long day at the office – these Inspire Bottles feature a wide mouth on the bottle perfect for adding ice to the bottle, allowing you to keep your drinks nice and cool. Yet the PolySure Inspire Water Bottle is still thin enough to fit in most standard cup holders in automobiles and other vehicles – great for commutes or on-shift drives.

Knowing that you have their health top-of-mind can be a great morale booster for nurses and other healthcare staff in these trying times and something as simple as providing a fresh new, reusable water bottle can help shave some of their at-home and in-the-office expenses while also helping them stay hydrated and healthy.

Back-Up Supplies

Keeping a small stock of back-up supplies can be a lifesaver in a pinch for nurses and other medical professionals, so consider gifting a first aid kit like the First Aid Traveler, which combines essentials for caring for small cuts and scrapes with other quick-care items that are excellent to have in a pinch like pain relievers, antiseptic towelettes, and even an antacid. 

First Aid Traveler | Martini Incentives
First Aid Traveler | Martini Incentives

From bandages to antiseptic wipes, the items found in the First Aid Traveler can be vital when dealing with a cut, scrape, or other small wounds. Plus, each of the various items within the Traveler are individually-packed, meaning that they can last for quite a while in a desk or bag – waiting for exactly the moment that they’re needed. 

The sturdy, reusable vinyl case also ensures that this gift will be there to remind medical professionals of how appreciated they are for years to come.

Keeping Time

From scheduling appointments to charting a patient’s history, keeping track of the day and date can be a vital part of the healthcare process. Calendar Magnets are a handy way of keeping the month ahead close at-hand – and can make a great gift for nurses and healthcare offices in your area. 

Calendar Magnets | Martini Incentives
Calendar Magnets | Martini Incentives

With many potential patients in quarantine at-home or otherwise not paying attention to the date every single day, losing track of time has proven to be a common complaint. When dealing with this loss of time, it can prove a challenge to schedule appointments or keep track of which dates correspond to which days. 

These Calendar Magnets are a perfect way to quickly reference upcoming appointments and other events – allowing medical staff to shortcut some of the explaining process. Plus, having the day and date available at a glance will allow the nurses and other medical professionals in your area to stay up-to-date and centered in-the-moment – allowing them more mental room to consider treatments and other care for those most in need.

Compact Carrying

Scrubs and other medical-care garments aren’t exactly the most forgiving when it comes to pockets. Plus, the majority of medical professionals would prefer to keep their wallet and keys secure outside of their scrubs, making the Ontario Two Pocket Waist Bag a great gift option to consider.

Ontario Two Pocket Waist Bag | Martini Incentives
Ontario Two Pocket Waist Bag | Martini Incentives

Slim and secure, these Waist Bags are perfect for storing in a locker during a long shift, but also allow easy access – and quick wearability – in case the contents are needed in a pinch. 

Plus, the sleek styling of the Ontario Two Pocket Waist Bag allows the versatility of a fanny pack without looking like the “un-hip parent” of a ‘90s sitcom. Plus, they are large enough to store a wallet, keys, and other necessities – making these bags are a great way to gift something functional to the nurses and other medical professionals in your area. 

The Gift of Health

The five items above represent some terrific gift options for the hard-working medical professionals in your area, but one of the best gifts you can give – especially in the current pandemic – is to stay healthy yourself. It’s key to stay inside as much as possible, enforce a strict and careful hand-washing regimen, and stay informed as to developments in your area. 

But it is also more important than ever to show our appreciation of those working hard every day to keep others healthy and safe and these Nurses Week gifts are a great place to start! If our team at Martini Incentives can help you to recognize your nursing staff or to provide a gift that is sure to show appreciation to nurses in your community please contact us and let us know how we can wow these modern day superheroes. 

Be safe!

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