Improve Your Kitchen With These Essential Tools

Keeping your kitchen well-stocked with vital tools is a great way to make the cooking, baking, and other food-making experience an enjoyable one. 

After weeks of quarantined meals at home, many are feeling exasperation with the tools at their disposal – and have noticed the gaps in their kitchen tool collection. 

Martini Incentives has assembled some classic kitchen items that are perfect for improving and optimizing the cooking process and make a kitchen a more enjoyable place for chefs of every level! 

Measure Twice, Bake Once

Many have started making their own bread from scratch as a great, easy introduction to the complex chemical processes at the heart of baking. While many bread recipes are relatively forgiving, more advanced recipes require precise amounts of ingredients like flour, salt, yeast, and more. If these amounts aren’t exact, it could throw off the whole bake!

The Swivel-It Measuring Spoons are not only precise, but they are also conveniently connected at a single swiveling hinge, making it impossible to lose a spoon.

Now, baking and other recipes will be a breeze with precise measurements – while also improving your kitchen with a set of measuring spoons that finally stay in order!

Don’t Feel the Burn!

Keeping your hands safe when cooking and baking is key, which is why the classic pot holder is a standard kitchen fixture. But many home chefs are still using old, worn-out versions, making the Ad-Holder a fresh and welcome addition to their set of kitchen tools. 

Perfect for retrieving baked goods, hot dishes, casseroles, and anything else from the oven or stove, the Ad-Holder – like most potholders – should be standard issue in any home chef’s kitchen! 

Make Better Rice

A classic challenge for home chefs of all ages is also one of the most basic: rice. Making sure rice turns out fluffy, delicious, and – most of all – edible can be a chore for beginners, but something as simple as a good Rice Paddle can make all of the difference.

Perfect for stirring, fluffing, and serving, this durable Rice Paddle features a textured pattern designed to keep rice from sticking to the paddle – making it easier than ever to get from the pot or rice cooker to a bowl or plate! 

Made from durable materials, the Rice Paddle is also long-lasting, meaning that home chefs at any level will be able to serve fresh, fluffy rice for years worth of meals to come. 

Save Soda and Snacks

Stopping a soda from going flat has been a challenge since the invention of soda. Thankfully, keeping a beverage bubbly is easier than ever with the Universal Soda Lid

This simple lid is designed to accommodate standard soda can sizes, making the Universal Soda Lid a perfect soda savior for around the house – as well as protecting a sweet outdoor drink from any inquisitive insects that might show up to bother the barbecue. 

Ideal for homes, restaurants with outdoor areas, bars, and anywhere else where keeping a drink protected from the elements can come in handy! 

Also, keeping a bag securely clipped can help extend the life of favorite snacks like chips, pretzels, and cookies. The Sport Keep-It Clip is a great way to keep your favorites fresh between snacking sessions. 

Beyond snacking, the Sport Keep-It Clip is also a great way to hang important documents like bills, cards, or drawings on the fridge or other magnetic surface. The Keep-It Clips can help you organize the kitchen into an effective home-cooking machine! 

With these five items at a home cook’s disposal, they’ll be able to optimize and simplify the cooking and baking process, allowing more time for fun, family, and other important functions!

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