Four Items to Improve Your Medicine Cabinet

Four Items to Improve Your Medicine Cabinet | Martini Incentives

If you take regular prescriptions – or just daily supplements – then you know how frustrating opening prescription bottles and sorting out your daily dosages can be. Fortunately, there are ways to streamline your pill-taking process by improving the available items in your medicine cabinet. 

Adding these four basic items will allow you to save time and ease any issues with arthritis or joint pain when it comes to opening pill bottles, cutting pills, and storing them for later use. 

Medicine Bottle Opener

The biggest problem for anyone dealing with daily prescriptions is the “child-proof” bottle – which more often than not is difficult for all ages. Plus, prescriptions come in a variety of different “standard size” bottles – making opening each a unique source of trouble. 

For those dealing with arthritis or other joint issues, this can present a painful daily outlook. Luckily, the Medicine Bottle Opener can help in easing this daily difficulty.

Medicine Bottle Opener | Martini Incentives

The Medicine Bottle Opener has a rounded, ergonomic design that’s more comfortable on your hand. Plus, the gripping material on the inside of the Opener can firmly hold the bottle’s lid to turn it open – and it is compatible with a variety of standard prescription bottle sizes.  

These Openers present a simple solution for a long-extant problem, allowing you – or anyone you know with joint issues – easier access to vital medications or daily supplements. 

7-Day Med Minder

Now that you have the bottle open, pouring the pills into your palm presents the next issue. Often, you’ll end up with a pile of pills when you only need one and then you’re stuck fitting the pills back into a small opening – and then chasing the pills that escape onto the counter. 

This process can be streamlined into a once-weekly affair, thanks to a 7-Day Med Minder. With seven spaces – one per day – this medication minder allows you to pre-set your prescriptions for the week ahead, making your mornings easier.

7-Day Med Minder | Martini Incentives

The 7-Day Med Minder keeps your daily pills secure in sturdy plastic, sealed tight in hinged compartments. Each of these compartments has each day clearly marked in both bold lettering and raised Braille – allowing wider accessibility for a wider range of potential needs. 

This design also has an easier-access rounded interior, allowing you to retrieve your pills without fumbling around small square corners. The compartments are also deep enough to hold both smaller pills and larger multivitamins or higher-dosage prescriptions, as well as a variety of supplement sizes.

Pill Cutter

A frequent issue with those taking prescription pills is the need to split pills into half-doses. Fumbling around with a knife can lead to uneven pills – or even injuries. A far safer option that you can keep handy in the medicine cabinet is a Pill Cutter.

Primary Care™️ Pill Cutter | Martini Incentives

A Pill Cutter is an essential tool to add to your medicine cabinet or first aid kit. The Primary Care™️ Pill Cutter holds the pill securely in place, then just press down on the lid to cut via a safety blade. 

Not only does this Pill Cutter have a safety-first design, but the area where split pills fall is also a safe storage area – which is also rounded to allow easier access. While prepping your 7-Day Med Minder for the week ahead, this Pill Cutter makes it easy to prep a whole batch – plus, you can store any extras until the following week in the cutter’s two built-in compartments. 

The Primary Care™️ Pill Cutter allows you to store as many extras as needed, letting you take care of a larger amount of pill-cutting at once, so that you can be prepared even further than one week in advance. 

The easy-to-use and safe design of the Primary Care™️ Pill Cutter makes it the ideal choice for stocking up your medicine cabinet – and an essential tool for preparing prescriptions for the week ahead. 

First Aid Kit

While not exactly related to pills, prescriptions, or supplements; no medicine cabinet or emergency pack is complete without a solid First Aid Kit. Anywhere with the potential for bumps or scrapes will find a kit like the Pro Care™️ First Aid Kit essential.

Pro Care™ First Aid Kit | Martini Incentives
Pro Care™ First Aid Kit | Martini Incentives

The Pro Care™️ First Aid Kit contains 15 latex-free bandages, 5 snip bandages, 3 antiseptic towelettes, 3 first aid cream packets, 2 – 2″ x 3″ adhesive pads, 2 knuckle bandages, 2 non-adherent sterile pads, a gauze roll, an adhesive tape roll, and a first aid guide – all in one sturdy, plastic case. 

These First Aid essentials allow you to clean and dress any scrape, cut, or smaller injury – as well as wrap it, if required. A fully-stocked supply of sterilizing and antiseptic options also mean that any wound can be properly treated before being bandaged up. The kit’s smaller snip and knuckle bandages also mean that you can properly cover up smaller or harder-to-reach injuries. 

Keeping cuts clean and covered can be essential in the early healing process, allowing these smaller wounds to scab over and allow the internal healing process to begin without the interference of external contaminants that can lead to infection. Making sure that any sized wound is properly taken care of can make all the difference in speeding up the healing process and your own recovery. 

This kit is a perfect addition to any cabinet! Plus, it’s a perfect option for offices, schools, garages – or anywhere else with the potential for minor injuries. 

Better Supplies, Better You

Keeping your medicine cabinet – or even just an emergency pack – including these essential items can drastically improve your daily dealings with prescription medications or supplements. 

Reducing the amount of hand pain suffered from opening difficult bottles makes the easy-to-use Medicine Bottle Opener a perfect first option. 

Following that up with a sturdy 7-Day Med Minder can help keep your medications and supplements organized and ready for the week ahead – and the easy-access round compartments make getting hold of your essential pills that much easier. 

For those who need to split pills, the Primary Care™️ Pill Cutter is an easy-to-use tool with a safety-first design and secure storage areas that allow you the luxury of planning ahead and preparing split doses well in advance. 

And, as noted earlier, no medicine cabinet or backup medical kit is complete without a first aid kit with a versatile set of included bandaging, sterilizing, and antiseptic options – like the Pro Care™️ First Aid Kit

These four simple additions are a perfect way to futureproof your medicine cabinet for any prescription or supplemental needs!

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