Five Easy-to-Use Items to Improve Your Kitchen

People are spending more time at home in their kitchens and finding that they lack some very useful tools for cooking, baking, and snacking. Without the right tools for the job, taking on a new recipe can go from an enjoyable experience to an annoying chore!  

We’ve rounded up some surprisingly essential kitchen items that can improve a home chef’s daily life.

A Cooking Classic

While it might seem like an obvious item, many kitchens could use a new Bamboo Spoon. More eco-friendly than classic wooden spoons, this new version of an old classic is a perfect option for replacing worn-out old heirlooms!

Bamboo Spoon | Martini Incentives
Bamboo Spoon | Martini Incentives

Ideal for stirring, mashing, or even just adding the perfect amount of space between pot and lid while cooking pasta, the Bamboo Spoon is a quintessential item for a proper home kitchen. 

Eco-Friendly Addition

Another Earth-friendly addition to the kitchen, lunch box, or everyday bag is the Collapsible Stainless Steel Straw. An ideal replacement for wasteful and environmentally harmful plastic straws, this reusable collapsible version is terrific for drinks at home or taking out and about.

Great for bars, restaurants, picnics, outdoor events, or even just for using at home, the  Collapsible Stainless Steel Straw is a durable addition to a kitchen’s selection.

At Home Waiter’s Friend 

The Waiters Wine Opener – also called the “Waiter’s Friend” – isn’t just for restaurants. Perfect for home entertainers, restauranteurs, or sommeliers of any level, the Wine Opener is a long-time essential tool for wine aficionados. 

Waiters Wine Opener | Martini Incentives
Waiters Wine Opener | Martini Incentives

Great for entertaining at home or at a restaurant or bar, the classic Wine Opener includes a corkscrew, as well as a small blade for removing wine bottle wrapping. Plus, it also includes a lever-action option for opening beer bottles as well, making this Waiters Wine Opener a great way to keep the party going!  

Dish Out Dessert 

Once dinner is done, home chefs can treat themselves to an easier dessert experience with the Ice Cream Scoop-It™. Once dessert time hits, it is a lot more enjoyable to use a proper scoop and save yourself the trouble of fixing an overworked spoon! 

Ice Cream Scoop-It™ | Martini Incentives
Ice Cream Scoop-It™ | Martini Incentives

Durable and easy to clean, the Ice Cream Scoop-It™ is a great addition to any kitchen! 

Magnetic Munchies

When it is snack time, nothing should get between a snacker and their favorite snack – especially not staleness! Keeping chips, pretzels, snack mix, or any other favorites free from going stale is the perfect application for the Magnetic Clip-It™.

Magnetic Clip-It™ | Martini Incentives
Magnetic Clip-It™ | Martini Incentives

Not only will the Magnetic Clip-It™ preserve a snack bag’s seal, but the magnet also means that you can save snacks on the side of a fridge or other magnetic surface, saving valuable counter space. 

Beyond snacking, the Clip is also a great way to preserve important documents like bills, menus, or favorite drawings.  

Together, these five items are a great way to improve the life of any home chef looking to fill gaps in their kitchen’s set of tools for cooking, baking, or otherwise preparing great meals and delicious treats.