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Gaia Eurotote

Gaia Eurotote

If you’re in need of the perfect swag bag, consider the Gaia Eurotote. These gift bags are made with 100% recyclable materials, with 100% paper rope handles and 40% recycled PCR content.  If you’re concerned about your environmental impact, these Gaia Eurototes are a perfect, environmentally-friendly option that is great for presenting jewelry, boutique items,[…]

21 oz. Breckenridge Stainless Steel Bottle

As the wider public has become more aware of the dangers of increasing plastic waste, reusable products – like water bottles – have risen in prominence and importance.  Our double-wall Stainless Steel 21oz. Breckenridge Bottle is a perfect option for those looking to switch to a reusable option. Vacuum insulated to keep beverages hot or[…]

hand sanitizer martini incentives

2.0 oz Antibacterial Gel Hand Sanitizer

Conferences and conventions are a terrific way to network your company or other small business, but they are also the perfect place to pick up a cold – or even the flu.  Beat the bacteria with our larger-sized 2.0 oz Hand Sanitizer Bottle. This larger-scaled bottle provides not only an extra quantity of hand sanitizer[…]

Large Diamond Pens Martini Incentives

Large Diamond Metal Pens

Large Diamond Metal Pens by Martini Incentives If you are in search of a pen which is sure to catch someone’s attention then our large diamond metal pens are the right item. Martini Incentives provides this new pen in nine different colors and with the largest imprint area available. These pens will surely grab the attention[…]

Cell Phone Metal Ring Holder

Mobile Phone Metal Ring Holders

Mobile Phone Metal Ring Holders by Martini Incentives Another great product in Martini Incentives Preferred Products is an item nearly everyone can use and every brand can benefit from. Our mobile phone metal ring holders are an item any person can use with their mobile phones. This item easily applies to the back of any mobile phone[…]

Post-it 5 Flag Set - Martini Incentives

Post-it 5-Flag Set With Imprint

Post-it 5-Flag Set With Imprint If you work in an office or just use a flag system to keep your files organized you should consider providing your customers these Post-it 5-Flag sets.  With five different flag colors, it is easy to use a naming system to prioritize projects and to quickly refer back to catalogs or[…]